1. To check alignments of text boxes as they do not look right in preview (riva).
  2. To enlarge/vary sizes of the images.
  3. To use higher quality photos for the logos.
  4. To make the images show “click to visit website” on hover one way or another.
  5. To add banners for STEUN and MyESHOP.
  6. Potentially make logo animations (on hover)
  7. To add Dr.munee’s photo/logo and proper description of our contribution to this website.
  8. To add more websites when they are ready.
Inspired from clay.global

E-commerce design for a leader in luxury women’s apparel.

Cataloguing the items from a prestigious car shop.

To make size bigger


Website development for the finest of watches.

Website development and branding for our branch.

To make size bigger


Web design and maintaining E-commerce website.

Redesigning of E-commerce website for exquisite art.

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To make size bigger